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Commercial Mediation Masterclass 2022

All around the world, existing traditional dispute resolution techniques are falling out of favor and are regarded by many as too expensive, too slow and too adversarial. In recent years there has been a growth in the use of Alternative Dispute Resolution and in particular mediation. Mediation is especially useful for resolving business disputes as it enables the business people themselve to maintain control of the dispute and with the aid of a skilled mediator to craft a solution to suit the business interests of those involved. The growth of mediation in the United States and in other countries around the world has been led by in house lawyers keen to look after business interests.

Our Facilitator Ms. Madeline Kimei is an accredited mediator by the Ministry of Legal Affairs of Tanzania; accredited as a Civil and Commercial Mediator since 2012 by the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators (UK). In 2021 she obtained Certificates in International Commercial Mediation and Investor-State Mediation from the International Law Institute (Washington). Ms Kimei has served on the Faculty of the Bangladesh Int. Mediation Society since 2017; convened the 1st Africa-Asia Mediation Conference 2019 and has published and spoken at both domestic and international platforms on mediation and other ADR mechanisms. She embraces technology and hence an advocate of online mediation.

This seminar enables delegates to:

• Understand the concept of mediation in the commercial and civil setting.

• The Role of the Mediator in the Mediation Process.

• Selection of mediator, why mediation adds value to traditional negotiation, what type of cases are suitable for mediation, when mediation should be commenced, who should attend the mediation, the rules and procedures of mediation and the role of the parties and their lawyers, both external and in house.

• Mediator’s Skills and Techniques, including the use of technology (online mediation).

At the conclusion of this course, you should have a better understanding of what mediation is and how it can assist in resolving business disputes more quickly, more cheaply, with less stress and giving more creative solutions than traditional dispute resolution techniques.

For inquiries email: info@iresolve.co.tz for further information on how to secure your participation or directly proceed to fill out the registration form

Upon request virtual participation is also available at 20% discount.

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