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We provide counsel representation in adjudication cases in Tanzania and may be appointed as adjudicators or members of  dispute boards for construction projects in Tanzania and abroad.



We may be appointed to serve in Dispute Review Boards.


Why us?


The benefits of engaging iResolve in a claims and dispute management include:

  • Full picture of possible future risks and their consequences; future possible scenarios from today till the termination of the Contract.
  • Based on the above – full picture of the risk involved optimal process of decisions making could be easier and faster.
  • Awareness of all possible risks and their consequences allows reacting fast in order to complete the Project within the Time and Cost with the good quality of Works.
  • In the case of variations and alterations in the Contract (mainly related to anticipated time and cost) Client will have in hand prepared different scenarios indicating all consequences of occurred circumstances to undertake the right actions
  • Avoid/reduce number of claims
  • Maximize recovery while maintaining contractual/business relationships
  • Reduce cost of claims
  • Knowledge transfer for future projects
  • Negotiate settlements from a position of strength
  • Improve recovery and proper evaluation of claims received
  • Avoid costly disputes, as issues are dealt with contemporaneously

Claims Management:

By analyzing the construction contract and the parties’ performance throughout the construction duration, our consultants can identify liability, quantify damages, and assist in resolving the dispute in a timely and cost effective manner. 

Construction Claims Services include:

  • Claims Identification
  • Risk Evaluation and Quantification
  • Assessment of Force Majeure
  • Claims Mitigation & Avoidance
  • Claim Preparation & Presentation

Dispute Management in Construction Disputes 

iResolve  has an impressive track record in providing expert advice for disputed changes and claims on construction projects. Our claims professionals have served as mediators, participated on dispute review boards, and have functioned in the capacity of “neutral evaluator” or “third-party neutral.” In addition, we are often asked to assist in, or actively facilitate, negotiating construction dispute settlements on behalf of our clients.

Dispute Resolution services include:

  • Project-neutral advisor
  • Settlement negotiation assistance
  • Mediation and arbitration services
  • Independent second opinion services