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Online Alternative Dispute Resolution System

iResolve™ is an online alternative dispute resolution system. Integrated with a customer-friendly user interface. Our system replicates the current process of dispute resolution in an online environment, removing the constraints of time, expense and distance.

In Tanzania there are hundreds of legal suits accumulated in the Courts, consuming billions of shillings of public budgets, overloading the Judiciary and causing dissatisfaction. Focusing in this scenario, we have created iResolve™, the first Online Dispute Resolution provider to resolve Consumer Complaints and Civil claims/disputes across various industries, adding value, assertiveness, safety, satisfaction, agility and above all justice for all involved in a complaint, dispute or conflict.

At iResolve™ we believe there are certain conflicts that don’t require a lot of face-to-face interaction and that in order for businesses to grow at the speed of the internet technology, they need to have highly effective customer dispute resolution processes. iResolve™ is the wave of the future for Tanzania’s dispute resolution practice and the resolution of low value civil claims.

• To provide an excellent web based solution that would be attractive, user-friendly, costfriendly and contains all the functionalities with ease.

• Typically, an aggrieved customer initiates a claim by logging onto the service’s secure website. Once the claim has been filed, the system then emails the other party to let him or her know that a claim has been filed and also gives them secured access to the website to view the case file. The party can either accept or decline to participate.

• The web-based application will have a directory of companies who are members of the software allowing their customers to channel their complaints through the use of the platform.

• End-users do not need to be tech-savvy in order to use the system. User-friendly controls like rich text editors and form fields in order to manage the system as well as the content.

  • The web application provided a platform for end users to create their accounts and file a claim against the industries listed in the directory or by adding a new industry;
  • End users can also select the type of account they wish to register for and make the payment accordingly;
  • The user files a complaint and is able to attach all evidences to support his claim;
  • The iResolve system will notify the Member business via email upon receipt of the complaint;
  • The Dispute Resolution Specialist will analyze the case and advise the appropriate solution to resolve the matter;
  • The claimant and respondent will participate in the ADR method;
  • Internet Neutral allows the parties to choose from several online mediation alternatives, including e-mail, chat conference rooms, and/or video conferencing;
  • The detailed requirement gathering was done that helped setting up a well-designed system with all the modules integrated into it along with the control over user access;
  • The application was made with a responsive layout that works well on tablets and smart phones and other handheld devices;
  • The application can issue analytical data and providing for reporting as may be required by the business;
  • Banking and Financial
  • Insurance & Reinsurance
  • Telecommunication
  • Real Estate
  • Construction
  • Trade /Sale of Goods
  • Public or Government utilities services (TANESCO, DAWASCO, etc)
  • Provides common platform to capture, manage and resolve enterprise-wide customer complaints.
  • Enhances complaint management efficiency by streamlining and automating workflows online including notifications, follow-ups and escalations.
  • Analytics and reporting increases management oversight and demonstrates appropriate controls to regulatory authorities.
  •  Access history of your complaint with the up-to-date status on how a complaint is progressing through.
  •  Complaints can be recorded by customers online directly or from their smart phones with our new upcoming android app.
  •  Solid Audit trails.

Online Alternative Dispute Resolution System

  • Innovative system to guide you in handling all your legal issues.
  • Lawyers answer your questions in less than 24 hours.
  • File a claim/complaint against any retailer or service provider.
  • Save money on your legal expenses, time and distance.


Membership Categories


$ 39
  • Less than 50 cases per annum- Monthly reports- Case Manager
  • Notifications and Reports


$ 39
  • Less than 100 cases per annum- Case Manager
  • Logo on iResolve system- Access to “live” status updates- Notifications and Reports


$ 39
  • More than 100 less than 250 cases per annum- Case Manager
  • Logo on iResolve System- Access to “live” status updates- Notifications and Reports- Audit log

Mission Statement

“To be commercially savvy in preventing, resolving and
transforming business relationships and continually
innovate how we deliver our legal services”

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Initiating a case in iResolve™ is simple and straightforward. iResolve™ is a role-based system so the first step is to login or create an account for free.

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We maintain a diverse panel of neutrals across all expert field including attorney and retired judge.