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Our Mission

” ODR4AFRICA Foundation aims at performing its activities within Tanzania to increase access to justice by the use of Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) mechanisms. ODR4AFRICA Foundation will play a great role in eradicating extreme poverty that is caused by conflicts/disputes within our communities. “


  • The use of technology to expand access to justice
  • Promote the development and widespread deployment of the identified components of the technology vision of the URT, including supporting Mobile Courts initiative
  • Recognizes the vital work of community-based e-mediation programs and their positive impact on the communities.
  • Use online dispute resolution methods to build consensus among unlikely partners to solve environmental and social challenges
  • Respond to the needs of communities when developing these programs, also directly engaging with the state where appropriate


  • Training, Capacity Building & Support (including webinars and podcasts)
  • Sensitization /Awareness Programs
  • Research & Development - Conduct relevant research/information gathering
  • Community Based Dispute Resolution Programs
  • Interactive Resources and Remote Assistance (web-based delivery of legal services)
  • Build a pilot in conjunction with platform host/ODR provider via outreach to regional arbitration/mediation centers to determine possible partners for hosting ODR platform
  • Leverage private sector and academic community support
  • Continue to promote harmonisation of the relevant laws for ODR using existing international instruments
  • Cross-EAC collaboration

Upcoming Programs

The ODR4AFRICA Webinar Series, Season 1, Episode 1 will begin on 11 October 2019.  Click here to register

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