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Expert Witness



Truth never damages a cause that is just -Gandhi


Our arbitration services include to give oral evidence and offer unbiased opinions in written form, direct testimony, and courtroom testimony.

 In addition we support an alternative dispute resolution by on-site investigations, reviews of documentary evidence and technical, forensic root-cause analysis. 

When appointed post-action, we assist the court or arbitral tribunal on technical matters after proceedings have commenced.


Ms. Madeline Kimei’s ADR practice also includes expert determination, a procedure that allows the parties to jointly instruct him to make an expert decision that is final and binding. Widely used in the energy and construction sectors, expert determination is securing a place in the maritime sector, particularly concerning issues relating to seamanship, cargo stowage, navigation and ship performance, effectively de- escalating many charterparty disputes and avoiding the souring of otherwise good relationships.


Our expertise allows us to provide unparalleled litigation support services which include:
  • Expert reports and testimony
  • Demonstrative evidence development
  • Trial-quality exhibits and graphics preparation
  • Assistance with determining presentation strategies
  • Electronic document management, digesting and keyword indexing
  • Preparation of issue files
  • Preparation of technical deposition and trial questions for witnesses
  • Preparation of/responses to technical interrogatories
  • Development of technical sections of briefs